Consultant arts strategist & fundraiser


I am a consultant arts strategist and fundraiser.  If you need a deep thinker who can quickly understand the particularities of your organisation and help with the development of strategy, business and fundraising plans, programmes of work and projects, as well as bring in funding to support work, then please get in touch.

I am also available for designing, delivering and producing digital arts projects and consulting on digital strategies within performance-making organisations.

I can help you to conceive and develop extraordinary experiences that integrate new technologies into performance, installations and public art in ways that bring about surprising encounters for unsuspecting passers-by, communities and the general public.

I can help you develop extraordinary experiences

Reasons to work with me


Rigorous Reseach

I will rigorously research your organisation and the context in which you are working.


Difficult Questions

I will ask difficult questions and help you to see your organisation or programme of work from an outside perspective and through the eyes of funders and potential partners.


I'll work with you

I will work with you to ensure that your projects are reaching and benefitting the people you say they are.


See the story

I will see the story you are not telling and help you address this.


Strong Vision

I will help you to articulate a strong vision and mission statement for your organisation


New prospects

I will research and introduce you to new prospects for your organisation


Strategic vision

I will collaborate with you on the design of a new project, or strategic vision for your company or organisation, and develop a case for support, funding proposals and grant applications to bring in funding using outcomes-based planning.


Problem solving

I will explore the problems within your organisation with you and help you to design a theory of change, and work out the steps to achieving it.


New perspective

I will introduce new ideas and perspectives to your organisation by being the outside person who sees the wider context, works across a range of sectors and companies, and carries out research at a deeper level than is customary within the cultural sector.