Consequences was performed at The Place in Resolution! 2010 and at Forest Fringe Microfestival @ BAC, March 2010

A playful, uncanny , troubling piece exploring power relationships, interdependence and the idea of authorship and dance.

Consequences is played at an interstice between dance and theatre, exploring the limits of each. In a world of fatigue and tenderness, where the force of gravity is almost overwhelming and the obligation to continue struggles against a powerful temptation just to stop, two sets of performers encounter one another, in a negotiation to share space and wrestle to control meaning. Two actors speak a dance they can’t perform: three dancers respond, resist and transform their imaginings.

An extraordinary score of original sound and music by Sound Artist Lewis Gibson underscores the performance as it builds from a rubble of miscommunication and isolation to a brief glimpse of triumph and unison.

“…it’s more than clever charades, it’s an entertaining exposition on the gaping chasm between words and actions.”

Lynsey Winship

Resolution Review


  • DChoreograhy & Direction: Sarah Levinsky
  • DDirection and Dramaturgy: Wendy Hubbard
  • DDevised in collaboration with performers: Lucy Ellinson, Greg McLaren, Tasha Alpe, Chryssa Kalliafa, Eleanor Perry
  • DDesign: Mamoru Iriguichi
  • DLighting Design: Ben Pacey (at Bac) and Gareth Green (at The Place)
  • DSound Design: Lewis Gibson