Lost in Peru

Made from two separate plays, Lost in Peru dealt with the rights and responsibilities of a collective of Western artists/actors to engage with and perform true statements of torture victims in a theatre.

The creation of the first half, Statements, specifically involved developing many of Mapping4D’s previous techniques to create live and challenging theatre from difficult, dangerous fact. Every night the actors negotiated their responsibility to deliver to an audience the experience of torture survivors, and the audience negotiated their responsibility to hear them.

The second half was a poetic response to the statements, exploring the boundaries of experience, the difficulty of empathy and whether we have a right to imagine horrors greater than our own lives. It provocatively compared the pain of the end of a love affair to the emotions experienced when a loved one is politically Disappeared, and raised questions about the equivalence of public and private experience.


  • EWritten by: Benjamin Yeoh
  • EDirector: Sarah Levinsky
  • EAssistant Director: Wendy Hubbard
  • EDesigner: Mamoru Iriguchi
  • ELighting Designer: Ben Pacey
  • EProducer: Sophie Craig
  • EPerformers: Scott Brooksbank Eugene O'Hare Caroline Pegg

Venue: The Place