The Pink Bits

The Pink Bits was the 2004 winner of the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award.  It ran for three weeks at the Riverside Studios in November 2004.

A History Play (manufactured, distorted and used…)

inviting the audience into a world of disintergrating facts, shifting maps, and multiple versions of events… where Truth is constantly rewritten

classroom/ briefing/ battlefield/ inquiry where myths and gossip scratch

a poppy-field of innocence and guilt, individual and nation; an intimate exploration of power and accountability.

And a teacher in crisis, plagued by dreams of colonising minds,
obsessed with the elusive nature of fact,

increasingly unable to say anything

The history lesson will begin…

Combining a clever theatrical imagination with a questioning and timely social consciousness, The Pink Bits is no little achievement. Bitingly funny parallels are suggested between Britain’s education, government and military systems, popular and political culture and, most critically, the occupation of foreign countries, then and now. The cast is game and gifted, the production itself intriguing and unsettling.

Donald Hutera

The Times

It’s impressively done – intelligently directed by Sarah Levinsky, with excellent lighting and sound work and committed performances all round.

Robert Shaw

Time Out


  • EDevised by the company
  • EDirection & Choreography: Sarah Levinsky
  • EDirection & Dramaturgy: Wendy Hubbard
  • EPerformers: Greg McLaren, Hilda Eusebio, Lucy Ellinson, Taylan Halici, Rachel Donovan, Alan Lane
  • EDesign: Mamoru Iriguichi
  • ELighting design: Ben Pacey
  • ESound Design: Lewis Gibson
  • EProducer: Jon Harris

Venue: Riverside Studios, 2004