An intimate and absurd exploration of control and fragility. With failed pretensions to philosophy and sticky fingers smudging up psychology. Fusing an eccentric cabaret bill with a lecture on the structures of reality, Vertigo invites the audience to witness the panic of the performers trying to hold it together.

From glorious chorus line to accident via confession, Mapping4D tinker with expectations of performance…

and how do you calculate the emotional velocity of a man falling off a cliff?

The show must go on! Viva Cabaret! (usual terms and conditions apply)

Featuring Mapping4D’s very own counting horse (who can also predict the future…).


  • DDevised by the company
  • DDirector: Sarah Levinsky
  • DDramaturg: Wendy Hubbard
  • DChoreography: Sarah Levinsky and Valeria Matzkin
  • DDesign: Mamoru Iriguichi
  • DLighting Design: Ben Pacey
  • DPerformers: Hilda Eusébio, Greg McLaren, Gemma Brockis, Valeria Matzkin, Clare Little